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TikTok lets users tip artists directly

TikTok lets users tip artists directly

TikTok now lets users directly tip artists.
The short-form video platform has officially launched its ‘Creator Next’ toolset to allow users to give back to their favourite creators directly, as well as allowing creators themselves to monetise their content.
The toolset features the platform’s first tipping function, allowing artists to receive tips directly from followers while keeping the entire amount of money sent to them.
In order to receive payments, creators will need to sign up to Irish-American financial company Stripe, which is where they will be able to manage their earnings.
‘Creator Next’ also includes a brand new function titled ‘Video Gifts’, which allows creators to receive tips based on engagement with their non-live videos on top of the existing ‘Live Gifts’ function which works in the same way for livestreams.
To be eligible for ‘Creator Next’, creators must be 18 or olde and meet minimum follower requirements, which vary depending on their location.
Creators must also have at least 1,000 video views in the last 30 days, and have at least three posts in the last 30 days.
The new toolset also includes the ‘TikTok Creator Marketplace’, which is an official hub for brands and creators to collaborate, and the previously-introduced ‘Creator Fund’, which pays TikTok creators for their content dependent on various factors.
‘Creator Next’ arrives a few months after TikTok hit the one billion user mark in late September.

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