Sophisticated Cashmere Collections

Sophisticated Cashmere Collections
May 2023

GOBI Cashmere presents performance-driven, ethically sourced, and eye-catching collections of cashmere essentials. Most recently, the brand launched its Spring collection for men and for women. The pieces feature the high-quality Mongolian cashmere the brand is known for, sophisticated silhouettes with a timeless feel, and a bright, spring-ready color palette that can be effortlessly styled.
One of the reasons why GOBI's cashmere essentials are sought-after is because the brand "combines centuries-old craftsmanship with modern manufacturing expertise." This adds an aura of authenticity to the products which are built to last. Cashmere wool is sourced from goats raised by nomadic herders in the Gobi Desert. The harvest happens in spring through a humane hand-combing process that is also beneficial to the goats. The garments are also produced with energy-efficient machines, while water and waste materials are recycled.
Image Credit: GOBI Cashmere