Shared Rental Scooter Systems

Shared Rental Scooter Systems

The ‘SEAN’ shared e- scooter concept is a solution for urban environments to provide commuters and travelers alike with a way to access personal transportation with ease. The scooter itself maintains a folding construction that fits inside the accompanying rental kiosk where it is stowed and charged, awaiting rental. The scooter can be accessed by simply scanning the QR code on the rental kiosk and returned to any participating location at the final destination.

The ‘SEAN’ shared e- scooter concept is the design work of Sun Jin and maintains a compact form perfect for placement in an array of cramped urban locations. This could include subway stations, shopping malls and even schools to provide on-demand access to personal transportation equipment. The scooter system identifies how cities can combat against traffic jams and emissions.

Source: e scooter-concept

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