Pickle-Flavored Potato Chips

Pickle-Flavored Potato Chips

‘Utz,’ the food manufacturer famous for its array of chips, pretzels, and snacks, has partnered up with Grillo’s Pickles to release the ‘Classic Dill Pickle’ flavored potato chips. Grillo’s Pickles is a pickle brand with a century-old pickle recipe that is a fan favorite among consumers across North America. Grillo’s Pickles are simplistic and authentic with a small ingredients list that does not compromise the flavor of the pickles.

The demonstrated quality of Grillo’s Pickles is why it was chosen by Utz to be the official flavor of Utz’s Classic Dill Pickle chip. The Utz & Grillo’s Classic Dill Pickle chips can be purchased in small travel bags for $2.19 USD, or in full-size bags for $4.29 USD.

Image Credit: Utz, Grillo’s Pickles


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