Personal E-Commerce Services

Personal E-Commerce Services

Klarna, the Swedish fintech company, unveiled the Klarna virtual shopping feature to personalize the e-commerce experience. This feature allows sales associates to work from home while connecting with online shoppers in a personal and effective way. Klarna found that the majority of consumers in the United States prefer in-person shopping due to the social aspects, the elevated service, and the clarity of the product being purchased. This new virtual shopping functionality seeks to bring these same experiences to the digital world.

Sales associates would work for a specific store from home, and would have a set of the most popular items from the store at their home. The associate would then be connected with online shoppers for the purpose of answering specific questions, suggesting products, and potentially sending pictures and examples of the products. This helps online shopping replicate the in-person shopping experience while creating more jobs.

Image Credit: Klarna

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