On-The-Go Cocktail Mixers

On-The-Go Cocktail Mixers

Q Mixers, a brand specializing in organic cocktail mixers, has officially launched two all-new non-carbonated mixers: Q Spectacular Bloody Mary Mix and Q Spectacular Margarita Mix.

Q Spectacular Bloody Mary Mix is made with vine-ripened tomatoes and seven spices and herbs, lending it a bold and savory flavor profile with a spicy kick. Meanwhile, Q Spectacular Margarita Mix consists of an agave and lime juice combination, delivering a tart yet sweet taste. Both of the mixers will be released throughout the United States at Kroger, VCS, and Albertsons stores as well as online via Amazon. The mixers will be sold in either 4-packs of 7.5 oz single-serve cans or larger 32 oz glass bottles. However, the brand expects the smaller cans to be its more popular option:

“Without needing to open a big bottle of mix that inevitably would end up as a “dead soldier” in the back of their refrigerator,” explains Q Mixers Founder, Jordan.

Image Credit: Q Mixers


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