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Man beaten unconscious by bouncers at gay nightclub left with shattered eye socket & broken nose

Man beaten unconscious by bouncers at gay nightclub left with shattered eye socket & broken nose

Five bouncers at an LGBTQ night club allegedly beat up a gay man, leaving him with so many injuries that he’ll need surgery.
Ronan Gordan, 21, said that he went to the Bloom nightclub in Manchester, U.K. He said that a group of security guards attacked him and beat him “in an unprovoked attack,” he wrote on Instagram.
He said that they knocked him unconscious and kept on beating him while others tried to stop them.
“I have a broken nose a shattered eye socket and have to have surgery, I’m full of cuts and bruises,” he wrote on the social media platform. “I didn’t ever think I would go into my home town Manchester where I spend a lot of weekends enjoying myself to be beaten up by bouncers, in a well known gay bar.”

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A spokesperson for Bloom confirmed that the attack happened that night in a statement posted to social media.
“We are aware and deeply shocked by the incident that happened the morning of Saturday 22nd and we are working directly with the police to resolve this,” they said in a statement. “The security staff involved are currently suspended pending investigation so that appropriate measures can be taken.”
“We strive to make Bloom nightclub a fun, welcoming and safe environment for all our LGBTQ+ family who visits us. We do not and won’t ever tolerate violence of any kind.”
– BLOOM NIGHTCLUB (@clubbloomcr) January 24, 2022

Greater Manchester Police also confirmed that they are investigating the attack.
“On Saturday 22 January 2022, police received a report of an earlier assault at a premises on Bloom Street, Manchester City Centre,” a spokesperson told PinkNews. “An investigation is underway.”
Google reviews dating back months show dozens of complaints about security guards at Bloom being too aggressive.
“Absolutely appalling,” reads one review from two months ago. “Bouncers chucked me and my friend out for no reason and when I asked what the reason was they couldn’t give me one. Got manhandled by getting literally dragged down the stairs and then to be pushed on the floor outside in front of everyone. I am a 20 year old girl and was very vulnerable. When I asked to speak to the manager I got told to ‘shut my gob.'”
“Never ever come here,” reads another review from two months ago. “I was physically and violently dragged out of this club by an aggressive bouncer after having been there for 5 minutes.”
“The worst club I’ve ever experienced,” says a review from four months ago. “The security were clearly power-rush seeking masochists. My friend was waiting outside of the toilet for me and when they asked him what he was doing he didn’t hear them so he didn’t respond. They proceeded to deck him to the floor and restrain him- eventually physically throwing him out of the club. Never ever go here. Ever.”

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