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Kevin Spacey To Undergo Medical Procedure This Week, Actor Reveals Bombshell In Sexual Harassment Battle

Kevin Spacey To Undergo Medical Procedure This Week, Actor Reveals Bombshell In Sexual Harassment Battle

Kevin Spacey is set to fly out to New York for a medical procedure that he desperately needs to make – according to court documents obtained by Radar.
Last week, Spacey’s lawyers were fighting the actor’s sexual harassment accuser Anthony Rapp over his deposition. The House of Cards star was set to be deposed on Friday, January 14.
Two days before the depo, Rapp’s lawyer asked the court to postpone the depo claiming he was experiencing health issues.
“Unfortunately, over the last weekend, I developed a cough and cold symptoms. I was seen by an otolaryngologist on Monday, who suspected a Covid diagnosis and performed a PCR test. I received a negative result today, but my cough has continued to worsen,” he explained.
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However, Spacey’s lawyers rushed to court objecting to the postponement. The actor’s team claimed Rapp had already canceled two previous depositions. They argued any delay would be cause their client harm.
In their objection, Spacey claimed he traveled to Los Angeles for the second depo only to have it postponed. He recently flew home early from a project in Croatia to appear for the third depo.
His team said Spacey was unable to be deposed in the near future due to a medical procedure. “Unfortunately, Mr. [Spacey] will return to the East Coast next week for a medical procedure and will be unavailable for a deposition for an uncertain period thereafter,” his attorney wrote in a letter to the judge last week.
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Spacey also argued Rapp had other lawyers who could handle the depo. The judge ended up ordering the deposition to take place yesterday.
As Radar previously reported, Rapp is suing Spacey of making a sexual advance on him in 1986 when he was 14 years old. Spacey denies all allegations of wrongdoing. He hired an expert who claims Rapp created the allegations because he wanted to be a part of the #MeToo movement.

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