Hangover-Free Canned Cocktails

Hangover-Free Canned Cocktails

Functional drink brand Beacon Beverages, Inc. has announced the launch of its first alcoholic beverage line called ‘Beacon Functional Cocktails.’ The new beverages mark the first cocktail to contain Hovenia dulcis, a super plant native to Asia that is known for its anti-hangover properties.

Founded by golfing enthusiast Ajay Narain, the idea behind the new beverage was to create an alcoholic drink that would not hinder performance or cause hangovers while still providing consumers with the pleasant buzz associated with alcohol.

“There was always a choice when drinking – have fun or play your favorite sport at a competitive level. Finally, there’s a great tasting alcoholic beverage that lets you do both,” said Narain in a recent press release.

Image Credit: Beacon beverages


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