Display-Bearing Foldable Desks

Display-Bearing Foldable Desks

Turkish designer Damla Aras has become a finalist in Dezeen and LG Display’s OLEDs GO! competition with her innovative foldable desk design which features an OLED screen that can be “incrementally retracted. to operate in various modes.” The name of the furniture piece is simple-it is ‘Tiny.’ The title of this innovation, as well as its nested design, point to a key focus for Damla Aras during the design process.

Being mindful of spacial challenges, which are especially prevalent in urban environments where the population is denser, Aras wanted to create a space-saving option with storage capabilities. The designer relies on LG Display’s rollable screen technology. The foldable desk incorporates a 32-inch OLED screen within its slick and minimalist silhouette.

Image Credit: Dezeen


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