Chocolate-Flavored shimmering Water

Chocolate-Flavored Sparkling Water

Jelly Belly Sparkling Beverages launched in 2020 with fresh and fruity flavors like Lemon Lime and Orange Sherbet, and now the beverage line is expanding to include a decadent Chocolate Flavored Sparkling Water variety. This sparkling water beverage promises to satisfy sweet cravings without the calories, sugar or sweeteners and it’s a guilt-free choice that infuses fun and variety into the sparkling water category.

Jelly Belly Sparkling Water provides refreshment with just two ingredients, carbonated water and natural flavors, and this new chocolate flavor was inspired by the Christmas season. As Justin Joffer, a co-founder of Joffer Beverage Company, says “We were trying Hot Chocolate – another iconic Jelly Belly flavor sold seasonally, but when we tried it, we all started laughing and looking at each other smiling as it tasted so, so good. We thought, wow, we have to bring this out to the market all year long.”


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