Child-Friendly Wireless Earbuds

Child-Friendly Wireless Earbuds

The Belkin Soundform Nano Wireless earbuds are a child-friendly audio accessory to help kids enjoy their favorite music and content in a private way. The headphones are reported to be made with young ears in mind and are rated for children aged seven and up. The earbuds have a volume limiter functionality to prevent them from going above 85db to ensure the audio won’t negatively affect a child‘s developing ears.

The Belkin Soundform Nano Wireless earbuds come with ear tips sized for a child‘s ears, and come in a range of color options including blue, white and pink for a touch of personality. Priced at $49.99 per pair, the headphones are rated to offer five- hours of playback per charge with an additional 19- hours using the accompanying carrying case.

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