Chic Sustainable Side Tables

Chic Sustainable Side Tables

In the market for sustainable side tables, Ayush Kasliwal’s reimagined Bowl table stands out. The piece boasts a chic and minimalist design that promises easy integration into any home interior-from the more Boho style dwelling to the slickly contemporary interior.

The Indian designer was creative with material use when building the sustainable side table-a combination of coffee waste and recycled plastic was used to bring the furniture piece to life. Ayush Kasliwal completed the Bowl table for Mater whose CEO and founder stated that “[they] are excited that [they] can now offer [their] Bowl table in both a sustainable version in mango wood and a circular version in [their] waste composite Mater Circular Material.” The Mater Circular Material is essentially a process that the brand uses to combine fibrous industrial waste and recycled plastic binders.

Image Credit: Dezeen


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