Bill O’Reilly ‘Threatens’ & Curses At JetBlue Employee In frightful new Video: ‘You’re Gonna Lose Your Job’

Bill O’Reilly ‘Threatens’ & Curses At JetBlue Employee In Shocking New Video: ‘You’re Gonna Lose Your Job’

Bill O’Reilly was caught having a meltdown in a shocking new video that shows the former Fox News host cursing out and threatening a JetBlue employee because his flight was delayed, Radar has recently learned.
In a surprising development that marks just the latest incident involving the 72-year-old, O’Reilly is getting ready to board a flight set for the Turks and Caicos Islands on Sunday, April 3 before the trip is delayed for five hours – and the conservative commentator and author take out his frustration on a seemingly innocent employee.
That is the scene shown in a recently released clip by Daily Mail that captures the entire incident on video, shocking not only the bystanders but also the viewers seeing the clip for the first time.
“What you’re gonna do…it’s three hours late,” O’Reilly can be heard saying before snapping at the airline employee. “No, no, no, you’re gonna find out.”
“You f– s–,” O’Reilly continues, jabbing his finger towards the JetBlue employee aggressively while the worker tries to calm the hot-headed talk show host down. “Don’t talk to me like that.”
Making the video even more jarring is the fact that O’Reilly then attempts to identify the JetBlue individual he is talking to before allegedly threatening the worker with violence and claiming he is going to lose his job.
“You’re threatening me with violence, man,” the worker says at one point in the video while holding up his name tag so the struggling former The O’Reilly Factor host could read it more easily.
“No, I’m not,” O’Reilly replies. “You’re gonna lose your job.”
“You’re going to get that information,” O’Reilly demands, before ultimately storming away from the JetBlue counter and the airline worker.
The passenger who recorded the interaction between O’Reilly and the employee recently revealed that he was taken aback by the tense incident.
“I couldn’t believe how arrogant he was,” he said. “That poor JetBlue guy just works there, it’s not his fault the flight was delayed, he was just trying to do his job.”
But when Radar reached out for comment, O’Reilly admitted that although the situation was heated, it was the JetBlue employee who was arrogant and who falsely accused the host of threatening him.
“We already referenced the situation on my broadcast: the No Spin News. Five hour delay on the Jet Blue flight JFK to Turks-Caicos. The guy was arrogant and falsely accused me of threatening him and I said: ‘your lucky I didn’t do that…'” O’Reilly told Radar. “Heated, for sure. Hope you will accurately report.”


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