Balancing Post-Acne Skincare

Balancing Post-Acne Skincare

There’s a new post-acne skincare line from consumer dermatology company Dermala and it was created for customers who have seen success with acne treatments from the company and wish to transition to maintenance. The Post-Acne Microbiome Balancing Maintenance line consists of four products that work synergistically: the Do Your TONE Thing Microbiome Balancing Toner, Best Cleanse Forever(R) Hydrating Cleanser, OAT So Sweet Daily Moisturizer, and SUPPLEMEANT to Be Pre + Probiotic Skin Mix.

The toner is a new release from Dermala that will suit those who are ready to transition from using the SCANTILY Pad acne treatment. The microbiome-friendly toner is balancing, gently exfoliating, calming and soothing and it helps to support blemish-prone skin with a lightly acidic formulation that’s also rich in antioxidants and beneficial natural plant extracts.


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