AI-Powered Wearable Air Conditioners

AI-Powered Wearable Air Conditioners

The ‘Metaura Pro’ wearable personal air conditioner is a powerful piece of equipment for consumers seeking out a way to beat the heat during the warm weather months. The device comes in the form of a neck-based unit that will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to regulate the user’s temperature when the heat increases. The unit is capable of providing cooling down to -7-degrees Fahrenheit thanks to three cooling plates within, while a soft silicone exterior will feel comfortable against the skin.

The ‘Metaura Pro’ wearable personal air conditioner offers up to eight-hours of use per charge and features 22W fast charge capabilities to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. The device can be controlled via the accompanying app to allow for fine-tuned functionality.


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