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Adele FaceTimes Upset Fans As Consolation For Postponing Las Vegas Shows, Offers Them Drink Tokens Before Realizing They’re Underage

Adele FaceTimes Upset Fans As Consolation For Postponing Las Vegas Shows, Offers Them Drink Tokens Before Realizing They’re Underage

Adele has reportedly FaceTimed a group of upset fans who flew all the way to Las Vegas before finding out the singer postponed her residency shows. The singer allegedly offered the group of young fans free drink tokens before realizing the majority of them weren’t old enough to drink in the United States.
According to an Instagram video posted by one disappointed yet lucky fan, the 33-year-old English singer evidently FaceTimed him and his friends Friday night after they arrived to Vegas and quickly learned that she had canceled her shows at Caesar’s Palace.
In the video that lasts just over three minutes, the Rolling in the Deep singers chats with her fans and repeatedly apologizes for not being there in the Entertainment Capital of the World despite the fact she was scheduled to have her first performance Friday night. She also asks where the group of fans are from, to which they share that they flew in all the way from New York.
Lucky for Adele, these fans were seemingly very understanding that she was forced to cancel her shows and postpone them for sometime in the future. The one fan who received the FaceTime call even expressed how the entire ordeal is not the singer’s fault.
“You can’t put pressure on yourself for things that are out of your control,” the fan tells the distraught singer after she apologizes yet again for canceling the shows.
“People want to say things, and you know you just have to know that you’re doing what you have to do for yourself. You’re gonna get there and you’re gonna perform and everyone’s gonna love it when the time comes,” the fan adds to a puffy-eyed and visibly upset Adele.
But although these particular fans were very forgiving of the Easy On Me singer, many of her other fans who did not receive a FaceTime call and who also flew in from afar and spent money on flights and hotels are understandably not so forgiving of the troubled songwriter.
As Radar previously reported, Adele was forced to cancel her show with only 24 hours’ notice on Thursday because nearly half of her crew allegedly had Covid. Although that may be one of the reasons, a source familiar with the situation spilled that the shows were also canceled due to the singer being an absolute diva regarding the creative layout of the scheduled performances.
“Adele postponed her residency due to ‘COVID’ which is true,” the source recently said. “But really she just hates all the creative, also she keeps changing the run of the show.”
“Crew is working literally 18 hours a day in Vegas. She just won’t stop adding and taking things away.”
Angry fans have also called out Adele for canceling the shows at literally the last possible minute, demanding that she reimburse them for the loads of money they spent on airfare and hotels to watch her perform – purchases that cannot be refunded even if the singer does reschedule the shows for a later date.
“We lost a large sum of money on plane tickets and hotels to come see her for nothing, pretty unacceptable that a multi-million-dollar production team could pull the rug on the people who flew and risked getting Covid to see her because her ‘show’ wasn’t ready,” one angry fan flying in from Canada told the outlet.
“She is known for her voice not for her performances, for all I care I would’ve just enjoyed her sitting on a bench singing. Absolutely unacceptable, they have not mentioned anything about compensation for the travel expenses we had.”

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